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diceweaver is an innovative online platform and community for tabletop role-playing games with a sophisticated virtual tabletop engine. Move your game to a sleek, intentional design that makes everything about playing a tabletop role-playing game as smooth as possible, online or offline, remote or local, with a desktop computer or a phone.

Kickstarter coming soon!

diceweaver's Kickstarter will be coming soon!

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  • We'd love to give you a demo and build custom support for your games! Email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you soonest.
  • The design of diceweaver's Gamespace does away with the idea of monolithic character sheets and instead wraps the character around the action. The Gamespace has been organized with attention to detail to achieve a natural and fun way of playing your game. Spend 2 minutes using it and you'll wonder how you lived without it.
  • Build-in direct support for your favorite game, modify an existing one, or write your own! Currently, diceweaver natively supports Dungeons and Dragons (Fifth Edition), Fate, and Rogue Trader, with more being added all the time!
  • Rules engines are built on top of workflows (attack rolls, skill tests, etc.) which can be expanded or contracted. The entire workflow system is pretty awesome, actually.
  • diceweaver is just as comfortable in the palm of your hand as it is on a 4K screen, so you can connect to your friends from your couch or at the coffee house - or even when you're all sitting at the same table!
  • diceweaver is designed to work as a virtual table top engine and as a real-world table top aid!
  • diceweaver's Code of Conduct is designed to promote and protect marginalized voices while encouraging collaboration and fun. We want adults and children to not only feel safe but to actually be safe.
  • Stay in touch with old friends, meet new players, and collaborate together with our unique forum design.
  • Create and edit your Tabletop's assets - maps, documents, characters, etc. - inside or outside of the Gamespace! Changes made anywhere are reflected everywhere in live time.
  • Set your Tabletop to allow observers and anyone can view and explore your story's content in a read-only way! Spectator mode grants stream audiences the ability to scroll through the table's log, view character sheets, browse maps, and read the handouts!
  • diceweaver allows parents or guardians to create and manage accounts for children under the age of 13 or those in need of assistance.
  • Our default setting is to protect your privacy and it's up to you to share things. In that vein, diceweaver doesn't allow anyone to set cookies on you or track your activity, which also means that we don't allow ads, either. We aren't selling your data, you aren't the product, and we think ads are gross.
  • We aren't watching what you do nor are we going to sell what we know. We don't keep that data anyway. Take a look for yourself.
  • (Once it's Live) Kickstarter backers will receive their access tickets as soon as possible so that they - and their friends - will be able to join the site and play games on diceweaver immediately!

Be kind. Be brave. Uplift others.

diceweaver's core values are kindness, inclusion, and tolerance. We welcome as friends those who share these beliefs. We consider diversity and inclusion as strengths and are constructing our community with these values in mind from the beginning.

diceweaver stands solidly against hatred, oppression, and cruelty. Evil people need not apply.

Play on Your Phone or Tablet

diceweaver works great with phones and tablets! Use diceweaver for character and map management in your in-person games. Players can edit their characters, read handouts, manipulate maps, and use the dice roller from their phones while sitting at the table!

Feature Timeline

The Engine Factory (Summer 2022)

Ever want to play a game of your own design? The Engine Factory will allow you to write your own game engine or customize an existing one - which can then be republished as your own house rules!

Forums (Summer 2022)

The cornerstone of diceweaver's community, the Forums are a unique, topic-customizable experience and foster collaboration.

Map Factory (Summer 2022)

While diceweaver already allows you to quickly create and deploy maps, the Map Factory will enable users to quickly design, draw, and populate maps that can serve as both dungeon maps as well as battlemaps - with the click of a button! Some of these features will become available sooner; others later.

  • Edit maps by "painting" tiles over the grid.
  • Add adversaries and non-player characters to rooms that will be automatically deployed to the stage when players enter the area.
  • Add notes about individual rooms that provide additional context or description to the Storyteller or Players.
  • Takes maps made with the Map Factory and allows them to be displayed isometrically. Anger your computer's graphical processor by turning this on dynamically!
  • Individually addressable and programmable hexes.

Marketplace (Summer/Fall 2022)

Users can package up a collection of art, maps, tokens, characters - anything at all - and share it with the community - for free or for sale. (Some features sooner than others.)

Character Art Designer (Fall/Winter 2022)

The Character Designer allows users to create bespoke token and portrait art for their characters and cast.

Catch As Can (Spring - Winter 2022)

These features are planned but their exact position in the roadmap hasn't been set.

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